Whether you are nearing retirement or have decades to go after reading Piece by Piece™, you will


  • Be Confident that you can retire
  • Understand the plan that will get you there
  • Focus on the passions you want to explore in retirement

The Piece by Piece™ retirement income model is a time-tested process


Designed to create a stream of income during retirement that can help replace wages from employment. This refined process divides your nest egg into three pieces

1) Income Today: a portion for your monthly income
2) Income Tomorrow: a portion for your growing income needs such as health care, inflation,
3) Flexibility: a portion for unplanned events

How much of your nest egg is in each piece is unique to you and your retirement passions. Because it’s not about the money but about enjoying retirement by investing in your passions.

Are you picturing the lifestyle that comes with retirement?


In this interview with Mary Rogers of Experience 50, Debbie and Mary discuss how defining your vision of retirement and aligning it with your partner’s is the first step to a rewarding retirement.

Using the Piece by Piece™ retirement income model to manage your investments before and through retirement turns that vision into reality


Debbie Craig, CFP®, MBA, CRPS®

Debbie Craig, CFP®, MBA, CRPS®


Debbie lives in Northern Michigan with her husband, Neal. Passions outside of my working hours include riding with Neal in classic cars that he has restored, travelling with her son, Chris on adventures important to him (including Alaska, Netherlands, Baltics, St. Petersburg Russia) and attending a book club with dear friends for the past 10 years. Investments of my time and talent in the not-for-profit sector include our area’s clean water initiatives (Three Lakes Association) and National Association of Mental Health.
In the Detroit neighborhood where I grew up in the 70s, it seemed like everyone else’s parents were set for life with pensions from their jobs with the Big Three. My dad, though, was a small business owner—an independent insurance adjuster, with four branches in Michigan—so he did not have a pension to look forward to. I was always well aware that there was not going to be anybody waiting with a check for him every month at the other end of his career.

About 80 percent of Americans now work for small businesses with fewer than 100 employees. Today, 50 percent of working Americans have no pension, or defined benefits plan. Pensions are now the exception, not the rule. Generally the only people with pensions today are municipal workers—and even this situation is changing.

Most of us working Americans today have to save the money for our retirement on our own. We have to design our own paycheck in retirement. We aim to get to the end of working life with—we hope—a nest egg. But how do we create a “pension” for ourselves with this money for the rest of our life? How can we feel sure that our little nest egg will last as long as we do?

To help my clients answer these questions, I have developed and refined a process that helps remove the anxiety of retirement with anticipation: My Piece by Piece™ retirement income model.

In Piece by Piece™ A Commonsense Approach to a Secure Retirement, I unveil my process for retirement planning in language anyone can understand. The Piece by Piece™ model divides your nest egg into three parts, each with a distinct goal. By knowing there is a plan and understanding the commonsense approach upholding it, you can enjoy you retirement passions and live the life you’ve dreamed.

I invite you to join the Piece by Piece family.

Debbie Craig is the President of Craig Wealth Advisors LLC in Michigan. She obtained her BA in economics from Kalamazoo College and MBA from Northwestern University (JL Kellogg School of Management) and attended the International Institute in Madrid, Spain. She spent 15 years at General Motors and, since 2000, she has been an independent financial advisor holding designations as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, a Chartered Retirement Plans Specialist™ and a Retirement Income Certified Professional® (RICP®).

The Piece by Piece™ retirement income plan...

...has a time-tested process, even during difficult financial times

...is customizable to your unique situation/goals and needs

...is understandable in its commonsense approach to retirement planning

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