Whether you are nearing retirement or have decades to go after reading Piece by Piece™, you will


  • Be Confident that you can retire
  • Understand the plan that will get you there
  • Focus on the passions you want to explore in retirement

The Piece by Piece™ retirement income model is a time-tested process


Designed to create a stream of income during retirement that replaces wages from employment. This refined process divides your nest egg into three pieces

1) Income Today: a portion for your monthly income
2) Income Tomorrow: a portion for your growing income needs such as health care, inflation,
3) Flexibility: a portion for unplanned events

How much of your nest egg is in each piece is unique to you and your retirement passions. Because it’s not about the money but about enjoying retirement by investing in your passions.

Are you picturing the lifestyle that comes with retirement?


In this interview with Mary Rogers of Experience 50, Debbie and Mary discuss how defining your vision of retirement and aligning it with your partner’s is the first step to a rewarding retirement.

Using the Piece by Piece™ retirement income model to manage your investments before and through retirement turns that vision into reality


The Piece by Piece™ retirement income plan...

...has proven successful even during difficult financial times

...is customizable to your unique situation/goals and needs

...is understandable in its commonsense approach to retirement planning

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